Dependable Radiation Shielding wall Panels

Creating a safe space for your radiation-emitting equipment is one of the first steps your business needs to take when bringing this type of machinery into your office space. This includes creating a designated room that is well shielded so that the radiation does not escape before, during, or after the machinery is used.

Patson Lead, Inc. is a radiation shielding fabrication company dedicated to helping you completely secure your sensitive radiation area by providing you with everything from radiation shielding panels and lead wall lining to lead-lined sheetrock and drywall. Installing these shielding materials now can help you avoid health scares and lawsuits in the future.

Lead-Clad Products Built to Last

Radiation can penetrate into just about any type of material. One type of material it cannot penetrate, however, is lead. That is why, if you are looking to create a safe environment for your X-ray machine or other radiation-emitting machinery, you need to ensure that the surfaces in the space are properly shielded with lead.

When you work with us for your radiation shielding panels, you can rest easy knowing that you are going to get materials that will deliver the protection you need. All of our lead-clad products are furnished as 1/2” or 5/8” type “x” fire code drywall board, meeting the classification ASTM C36, or plywood 5/8” AC grade.

For complete protection, lead strips are also provided for the joints of your panels, and lead disks are provided for covering any screw or nail heads. This is all designed to help you keep radiation from penetrating into your walls and other surfaces. Need your lead wall lining designed to specific specifications? Special order requirements are always available by request.


Contact us to learn more about how radiation shielding panels can help you stay healthy and safe. Our different lead linings are available to clients located throughout the country.