Custom Lead Products & Components

Whenever you are in need of any custom lead products, Patson Lead, Inc. will be there to provide them to you. Our radiation shielding fabrication company creates a wide assortment of lead-based materials so you can always know you have radiation shielding you require.


From interlocking lead bricks to just sheet lead, our fabrication company wants to be your single-source for anything related to radiation shielding. We have earned a very strong reputation for ourselves throughout the decades and our team is excited to show you why so many clients in the medical, nuclear, laboratory and veterinary industries turn to us when they are in need of safety shields and related lead-lined products.

Lead Materials for Any Purpose

The lead items we offer are great for radiation shielding, but that doesn’t mean it is the only use for them. Our lead bricks, for example, can be used in a variety of different nuclear and radiation therapy applications, including using them as ballast weights, counterbalances, and even in the creation of radioactive isotopes.

Lead Angle

No matter what you plan to use our custom lead products for, you are able to trust us to deliver the correct items to you that perfectly match your needs and requirements. We take great pride in our ability to consistently deliver the finest in lead materials to our clients. Call us about placing an order for:

  • Lead Sheets
  • Lead Bricks
  • Lead Glass
  • Lead Shapes
  • Lead Angles


Contact us to learn more about all of the different custom lead products we can create for you. Our radiation shielding creations are available to clients located throughout the country.