Proven Xray Leaded Glass

When you are looking to erect a protective barrier against radiation, then you are in the market for radiation shielding glass from our radiation shielding fabrication company. Why? It is because these lead-lined windows have a very high molecular density, which helps to keep radiation where it belongs instead of allowing it to escape out of your sensitive areas.

Patson lead, Inc. is a lead-lined glass supplier that offers the leaded X-ray glass, x-ray glass windows, and frames the medical and veterinary industry needs to protect their therapy rooms, laboratories, radiation therapy rooms, and X-ray rooms. These products are also very useful in the nuclear industry and in medical testing facilities. Turn to us when you are looking for a solution that allows you to look in while ensuring radiation doesn’t get out.

Practical Xray Leaded Glass Windows

When you first hear about Xray glass windows, you may be thinking that they don’t offer the clarity and light transmission you expect from conventional glass.  The only difference is your x-ray glass windows will stop radiation in its tracks.

Leaded plate glass we use is designed to deliver the highest optical quality and light transmission available. The glass itself is manufactured in various thicknesses to offer you a wide range of radiation protection options. Looking to place a special order? We create custom windows and all standard sizes up to 48”x96 and can even modify supplied doors to accept our leaded glass for viewing purposes. Light Kit/ Window Retrofit installation for solid doors available.

Contact us to work with a trusted lead-lined glass supplier. We look forward to providing the very best in leaded x-ray glass to clients located throughout the country.